One of my favorite things is food.  Fresh, colorful, healthy food… there’s nothing like it!

I grew up in rural New Brunswick, in the heart of potato country, and far from any large-scale grocery store.  As a child, mealtime was often meat, potatoes, and a vegetable boiled beyond recognition.  As an adult, I love to press boundaries and try new things.  I am a vegetarian but my husband is not.  It isn’t a problem, just another culinary challenge.  Being recently married, I am admittedly a work in progress. 

My culinary goal is to someday have a pantry full of natural ingredients (instead of Lipton Sidekicks) and be able to whip up a fast, delicious meal for my family without hesitation. 

I love to garden so you can expect lots of recipes calling for fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer and fall.  I also enjoy using fresh herbs so rely a lot on my herb garden in the summer.  I drool a little in the cookware aisle of a department store.  My kitchenaid mixer is a thing of beauty.  I am often found loitering in the produce section. 

I frequent many food blogs, especially those that have what I call “food porn”.  My husband and I are hobby photographers so my posts will contain pictures more often than not. 

Recipe origins will always be credited. 



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